Friday, May 3, 2013

risotto with fresh green beans

By almost unanimous vote in out house, if we are looking for our number one comfort food for an evening's meal, it will be a risotto dish. And now that it is fresh vegetable Farmer's Market time, our risotto will be even better -- risotto and fresh vegetables are a coming together made in culinary heaven.

We got a half pound of fresh green beans, and, with the usual risotto accompaniments, we were off -- and the result was as wonderful as we had anticipated.

Here is the link to the complete recipe, which also has links for more detailed instruction and help on making a great Italian risotto:

For this evening we used Carnaroli rice rather than Arborio and liked the result even better. And another big help: we do roast chicken quite often, for the chicken of course but also because it allows us to take the bones and remnants and create a really great chicken broth -- ideal for a risotto.


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